Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hemp Macaroons

Earlier this Summer, I stopped into Nature's Food Market and Juice Bar on H Street in downtown Bakersfield at lunchtime for a to-go sandwich and a juice drink. I recommend you try their store. 

Bakersfield Plastics had made some machinery parts for them and I wanted to see that they were working the way the store needed. 

Talking with the store owner, Chuck, is always a pleasure and he graciously gave me a box of macaroons they make.

Since they are from Nature's Food, there is going to be a natural food angle. So, the macaroons contain spirulina algae and hemp. They are dark green, but Chuck assured me that there is no active THC and he will not be putting a green cross on his building.

I put the cookies on the center console of my truck and drove off on the next errand which happened to be the federal prison at Taft

Only after driving past the prison entrance and reading a K-9 search sign did I realize that I did not want to have to explain bringing a box labeled "Hemp Macaroons" into a federal prison!

I found that the space under the truck seats decreases in proportion to the need to put something there in a hurry.