Thursday, September 17, 2015

At the ATM

This morning, I went to a bank ATM to make a deposit a little after 7.

There on the keypad, was a paper receipt from 6:37 a.m. for a $20 cash withdrawal leaving a balance of $0.35.

A second customer found the receipt, read it carefully, formed an opinion of the first customer, got out a pen, looked to see the that no one was watching, circled the balance, wrote "LOSER!", and left it for the rest of us to see.

So, who is the real loser here?

Human nature does not always please me, but it rarely surprises me.

Facebook responses to this story included:

Mark:Bill, please mail me my receipt. Thanks.

Rusty: I think $20.35 is way too much money to trust Wells Fargo with, good for him to get at least 20 back.

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