Friday, October 07, 2011

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

I saw this idea to use GM's OnStar software and smartphones to form a “peer–to-peer” auto sharing network. The idea is: someone walking down the street uses their smartphone to locate and rent someone else's nearby car. Use the OnStar unlocking feature to open the car.

Yeah, it would work in a perfect world.

However, this world being imperfect, loaner cars would get less respect than shopping carts stolen from the supermarket. Private individuals won't put their cars in this program, but the government might.

For starters, since the government owns GM, it will subsidize GM. In lots of ways.

This peer-to-peer car idea might be the best way yet for big spending politicians to claim public good, spend lots of money to benefit themselves and their friends.... and walk away from the inevitable disaster.

Imagine the federal Peer-to-peer Car program: 1) With a large fanfare, the federal government "creates jobs" by buying 10 million GM peer-to-peer cars. They are painted distinctive colors and have stylish “wraps” to advertise the politicians who promoted the project. 2) The price to use one is cheaper than buying a car yourself. 3) All peer-to-peer cars are snapped up instantly. The price is so low that no one actually pays. Cars are never returned. Cars are never washed. 80% of cars are never maintained. 20% of cars get $12,000 per year of government-paid goldbrick maintenance through a GM dealer boondoggle program. Lots of wrecks. Government insurance pays for it all. Millions of freeloader-voters love the free car program.

In two years, almost no peer-to-peer cars can be seen on the roads. They’ve been stolen, repainted, abandoned at airports and commuter train parking lots. Many people live in them.

In year three, if the Democrats are still in White House, the federal government offers $5,000 to scrap each car. The federal government pays for 14 million peer-to-peer cars to be scrapped. Yes, 40% more peer-to-peer cars than ever existed... did you really expect honesty or accountability?

Venture Socialism never works.