Saturday, March 12, 2005

Advice - When kids don't like the rules

A friend told me about a recent discussion in his family.

His late 20-something son had moved back into the house, let's say a month or so earlier..

You can only imagine the joys of living together again after a few years of not.

One day, while dad was reviewing his ideas of how things should be under that roof, the son objected and replied with one of the oldest, lamest and most annoying phrases a child can utter:
"Well, it's my house too!!"
Dad (a gruff character, but deep down a pussycat) called his hand with this great reply:

"Oh yeah? ...If it is your house, then why don't you go ahead
and sell it!"

"Uh.... I can't " said the son

"That's right, because it's not your house."

Dad 1, Son 0. End of match.

Parents, just keep this one in reserve. It should work with anything you can sell... the car, the TV, etc. etc.

Let's hear your success stories.

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